Xecan Radiotherapy

Patient Safety Time Out Compliance

A time out was introduced by the Joint Commission’s Board of Commissioners for preventing wrong site, wrong procedure, and wrong person surgery for all accredited hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and office-based surgery facilities. In radiation clinics, a time out occurs immediately before treatment, when all members of the team stop preparation and ensure they agree on the:

Correct patient identity

Correct procedure to be done

Correct procedure site

In addition, the team must document each time out and conduct one before each subsequent procedure.

Xecan Radiotherapy is designed to automate the safety process to help the clinic to achieve regulatory compliance. It integrates with both Aria and Mosaiq R&V systems and all types of Varian, Elekta and proton treatment machines. Xecan's technology enables radiation clinics to achieve flawless workflow, the safest treatment  and much improved patient satisfaction. 

Considering your clinic's existing technology infrastructure, Xecan chooses the best combination of Facial, Palm, RFID or Bar-code identification as your clinic's ID methodology. Based on the chosen platform technology, Xecan Radiotherapy offers the following five major functional modules covering the whole clinical workflow: Smart Treatment Planning Whiteboards, Smart Reception, Smart Exam Room and Patient Tracking Whiteboards, Smart Treatment Rooms and Clinic Analytics Reporting.

Smart Treatment Planning Workflow Whiteboards

Treatment planning process starts from a patient's simulation. Due to multiple staff members' involvement, there are delays due to ineffective handing over of the planning baton in the planning process relay.  Xecan Treatment Planning Workflow Whiteboards are designed to address this issue.  With a quick review of the whiteboard, Physicians, Physicists, Planners, Therapists and Administrators can have a clear understanding of where the patient population stands as far as their progress from CT Simulation to their tentatively scheduled first day of treatment. When issues arise, they can be seen by all members of the team, and necessary changes can be made in the best interest of patient care. The whiteboard is shown on a large monitor in the treatment planning area. It can also be accessed from any desktop or mobile phone. It has the following staff workflow improvement features:

  • Displaying in real-time the status of patient's planing stage

  • Email and text notifications for any pending tasks

  • Even workload distribution, accountability and timely patient case assignment

  • Cloud based solution can be accessed from anywhere and any clinical location

Smart Reception: Automated Patient Greeting and Queuing

Patients are personally greeted as soon as they walk into the clinic, their arrivals are automatically queued in the EMR (Aria, Mosaiq or EPIC) scheduler.  At the same time, patient info is automatically registered on clinic white boards, which can be viewed by staff across the clinic. There is also a patient status board in patient waiting areas. It displays patient arrival and treatment status organized by specific treatment machine room. While waiting, patients have a clear idea of their waiting position in the treatment queue so that they will be ready for calling if they are on top of the waiting list. On the other hand, if there are multiple patients ahead of them on the waiting list, they can make a better decision on how to spend their time more effectively. When therapists are ready to take a patient, he/she can notify that patient through the patent calling board by clicking on the patient's name or associated number,  the clicked name starts flashing green, so the patient knows a therapist is going to find him/her immediately. All these patient workflow enhancements result in a much improved reception workflow and patient satisfaction. 

Patient waiting and calling board

Patient waiting and calling board

Smart Patient Tracking Whiteboards

When a patient moves through the clinic into exam rooms, gowned waiting rooms, simulation or treatment rooms, their movement is displayed in real-time on clinic whiteboards. This produces a visualized clinic workflow reflecting actual clinic operation. The traditional dry erase "whiteboard" with handwritten entries is replaced by the automated Xecan smart clinic whiteboards. 

Long wait time is one of most frequently noted factors related to patient dissatisfaction according to clinic surveys. With the use of the Xecan smart clinic whiteboard, each patient's location, appointment type and wait time are automatically displayed and updated in real-time. This greatly improves staff efficiency to make smart care decisions, and avoid unintended long wait times for patients.


Every patient's wait time, location and appointment info is displayed on Xecan smart whiteboards.


Smart Treatment Rooms: Automated Patient and Accessory Verification

Xecan enables clinics to track treatment accessories such as Vaclog, Bolus, Electron cutout, Accuform etc. These tagged RFID accessories can be detected above the treatment table automatically.  This makes treatment accessory verification much more efficient and accurate.  It improves both treatment workflow and patient safety.


As soon as patients walk into the radiation vault, their personal treatment charts or treatment plans are verified by comparing them with the incoming patient's ID.  Xecan achieves this through interfacing with your EMR system seamlessly. This ultimately ensures Right Patient and Right Accessories are used in treatment rooms.


Clinical Analytics Reporting

There are large amounts of valuable clinic data generated with the Xecan tracking capability. To visualize the data to support clinic operational decisions, Xecan has a built-in analytics reporting engine to do the analysis. These reports provide the best intelligence about your clinic's operation and actionable items for further clinic workflow improvement. 

Visualized clinic operational analytics of patient wait time at various clinic location

Visualized clinic operational analytics of patient wait time at various clinic location