Aria and Mosaiq Integration Verified

Xecan EMR Integration Adaptors

In a clinical environment, it is vital for solutions like Xecan to fully integrate with existing EMR systems to achieve the most benefit. In radiation oncology clinics, Aria and Mosaiq are the most used EMR systems.  Xecan fully integrates with both systems thanks to the partnerships with both Elekta and Varian. In addition to these systems, Xecan's wedge design also works with other hospital wide EMR systems such as EPIC and Cerner.

Xecan is ARIA Integration Verified 

The Xecan and Varian Aria team have been technology partners since 2011 to integrate Xecan radiotherapy with the Aria record and verify system. Over the years, we successfully delivered the Aria integrated Xecan radiotherapy to our mutual customers. Xecan radiotherapy and Aria have been compatible since Aria version 10.   

So far there are three main integration areas between Xecan and Aria.

  • Patient smart check-In on ARIA at reception
  • Patient verification with ARIA in treatment rooms
  • Patient specific ARIA treatment accessory verification in treatment rooms.

There are many RFID/Biometric technology vendors in oncology space. However, Xecan is very proud to be the only vendor verified by Varian in these areas.

Xecan is Member of the ELEKTA Vendor Interoperability Program(VIP) 

Elekta started its vendor inter-operative VIP program in 2014.  Xecan is very proud to be one of the first to be selected into the program due to Xecan's approved integration capacity with the Mosaiq system and its success in clinic use. Through the partnership program, Xecan extended its Mosaiq integration to support the Mosaiq Patient Verify function through smart IDs.   

The Elekta Mosaiq team and Xecan are consistently working on integration efforts. To this date, the following two integration areas are completed and verified according to the VIP protocol.

  • Patient check-in on Mosaiq in clinic reception using HL7 messaging.
  • Patient verification with Mosaiq patient verify in treatment rooms.

If you need more details regarding Varian's Aria or Elekta's Mosaiq integration with Xecan radiotherapy, please let us know.