Xecan Barcode ID

Integrated and Cost Effective 

Barcode healthcare card or hospital paper wristbands are still widely used in hospitals for patient, procedure, and medication verification purposes.  They normally have patient name, date of birth and EMR ID. Nurse and other healthcare staff verify them at the point of care.  It is very easy to use and almost zero cost. 

To make barcode scanning more robust and reliable, Xecan developed highly reliable scanning software seamlessly integrated with the clinic's EMR systems and real-time clinic views. Effectively, Xecan extends these types of IDs into the patient tracking tools to further improve clinic workflow.

 If a hospital already has barcode based IDs, Xecan normally will reuse them or extend their usages to improve clinic workflow and patient safety. If needed, Xecan can also print barcode IDs for hospital use if hospitals don't already have them.

Xecan barcode scanner

Xecan barcode scanner