Xecan Face ID

Advanced Facial Recognition Based on Tablet or Desktop Webcam

With an extremely low false acceptance rate (FAR) and false reject rate (FRR), the XECAN facial recognition algorithm was ranked by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) among the most accurate algorithms of the 50 suppliers evaluated.

Automated facial recognition has unique advantages in patient safety and clinic workflow improvement. Compared to RFID technology, it has the advantage of not needing to have patients carry RFID cards. Since the facial recognition uses visible light,  it generates more reliable identification in small areas, such as exam rooms and chemotherapy stations where RFID may have cross-talk concerns. Compared to other bio-metric systems, facial recognition has the distinct advantage of hygienic and touch free operation. 

Over 60 match points through deep neural networks.

Over 60 match points through deep neural networks.

Xecan facial recognition implements face localization algorithm based on advanced multilayer neural networks.  Highly accurate results can be obtained with complex illumination, expressions and head rotations. The algorithm uses over 60 facial match points and facial live stream analysis. Therefore it is highly reliable. A remarkable feature of Xecan technology is that it uses just a regular web camera with modest resolution of 1024x768 pixels or a regular mobile phone.


Xecan Face ID can be installed at the clinic's reception area, exam room or treatment room.  The mobile version can be used anywhere in the clinic with a Wi-Fi connection. Once a patient shows up in front of a Xecan desktop camera or mobile phone. The Xecan Face ID automatically senses his/her presence, and presents an image frame to guide the patient to the camera frame. The Xecan facial recognition technology has the following features:

  • Sub-second Response Time

  • Highly Reliable Matching

  • 3 Feet of Detection Range

  • Standard HD Web-Camera or mobile phone

  • Fully Integrated with Hospital EMR Systems

  • 10 Second Enrollment Time