Yale New Havan Health expands XECAN's Smart Clinic Solution to their Hamden and Guilford Clinics after successful full scale deployment at its main New Haven Campus.


The Xecan smart clinic solution has been in full clinic use at the Yale New Haven campus since the beginning of August 2017. At its smart reception area, patients are greeted, checked in and queued on the waiting whiteboard automatically, once they arrive at the clinic. The check-in takes place on the Mosaiq R&V and the hospital's EPIC EMR system. The new and follow up patients are checked in using the existing hospital's wristbands. Xecan seamlessly integrated with the EPIC system for the EPIC queuing. This greatly improves the clinic workflow with minimum amount of extra work required from the staff.


Patients in fifteen exam-rooms and several waiting areas are tracked in real time on the clinic whiteboard. The entire clinic workflow is visualized through both computer web-browsers and a large screen at the nurse station. These real-time visualized images provide unprecedented workflow efficiency improvement. 

In the five smart treatment rooms, patients are automatically verified as soon as they walk in. The Xecan System clears the built-in Mosaiq patient verify Interlock and at the same time clears the Xecan PAVS interlock within seconds. To fully achieve the best treatment quality, specific treatment accessories are automatically tracked with a overhead RFID scanner.


Based on the very positive staff feedback and improved clinic operation and safety, YNHH decided to expand the Xecan solution to an additional two clinics. The deployments are expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2017

Smart Clinic View (2).jpg

Xecan is a full patient care and safety management system, which supports both Aria and Mosaiq R&V systems and all types of treatment machines. Based on RFID and biometric tracking capability, Xecan has the following three major function modules: Smart RFID Reception, Patient and Accessory Verification, Smart Exam room and Patient Tracking Whiteboards.