Our dedicated team is available to make sure your critical clinical operation runs smoothly on a daily basis. XECAN provides full hardware and software support services, and commits to an availability service level of 99.95%.

XECAN 24X7 support
XECAN operates a help desk providing 24X7 support. Customers may access our help desk via phone or email. Most questions are answered and issues are resolved with one call while our customer is still on the phone.

Real-time built-in monitoring
XECAN utilizes a real-time monitoring mechanism which alerts XECAN tech staff whenever an issue occurs, before a clincian recognizes operational interruption. Should an issue arise, an escalation process occurs to ensure repaid resolution to the customer usually before the customer is even aware a problem exists.

Although XECAN hardware and software is extensively tested and is very reliable, it is suggested that one XECAN reader and one gateway PC be kept as a spare to minimize downtime waiting for a replacement, should a failure occur. Our tech support will provide assistance for the hardware replacement over phone and internet.

XECAN support contact info:
1-866.469.3226 Toll Free
Int'l 617.588.0098

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