Wearable Computing and Biometric Identification Technology
Much like Google Glass, which is a wearable device that communicates over the internet, Xecan Smart Wristband is also based on the principle of ubiquitous computing. They both represent the next generation of technology, which is pervasive and intelligent. Unlike existing RFID or Barcode cards, which have to be scanned by patients manually, this stylish wristband doesn't need any human effort.

XECAN also recognizes that no single technology is best-suited for every locating need. To solve real-world clinic challenges, we often combine wearable technology, Biometric and other technologies. Therefore XECAN software is designed to be compatible across all of these hardware platforms.

RFID/Biometric Identification -- Wedge Integration
RFID and Biometric Identification can provide the most benefit if it can be effectively integrated with existing workflow or EMR systems. This, in fact, is the most important and challenging part of a project. To this end, XECAN's innovative wedge integration agent can be used to quickly and seamlessly plug-in RFID and Biometric Identification capabilities to enhance your current operations.

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