To Err is Human: Improve Patient Safety and HCAHPS Scores

What is the Xecan Smart Patient Care and Safety Solution?
Xecan is a full patient care and safety management system, which supports both Aria and Mosaiq R&V systems and all types of Varian, Elekta and proton treatment machines. It enables automatic, ubiquitous communications with oncology record and verification systems. The smart technology prevents wrong patient and wrong accessory errors in cancer treatment and improve the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score. The publicly reported score is critically important in today's healthcare environment.

Built on its smart wearable RFID and biometric tracking capability, Xecan provides the following three major function modules: Smart RFID Reception, Patient and Accessory Verification, Smart Exam room and Patient Tracking Whiteboards.

   Automated Patient Safety Verification
Patients are personally greeted as soon as they walk into the clinic, their arrivals are automatically queued in the EMR scheduler with no need for any type of bar-code scanning. As soon as they walk into exam rooms and radiation vault, their personal treatment charts or treatment plans are opened with much improved accuracy. Xecan achieves this through interfacing with your EMR with no need to modify your existing software. Download Smart RFID Oncology Spec. and Smart RFID Accessory Tracking and Verification Support Info.

   Smart RFID Exam Rooms
When a doctor enters the smart exam room, with a simple scan of his/her XECAN badge, the smart RFID launches Aria or Mosaiq, and selects the waiting patientís profile automatically. This saves between one to two minutes of the doctorís time logging into various software applications, for each patient visit.

   Smart RFID Patient Tracking Whiteboards
The traditional dry erase "whiteboard" with handwritten entries is replaced by the automated Xecan Electronic Whiteboard. Patient location is automatically displayed and updated in real-time on Xecan monitors. This results in a reduced wait-time and better experience for patients.

   Improved Patient Satisfaction
Long wait time is one of most frequently noted factors related to patient dissatisfaction according to clinic surveys. Xecanís Smart Technology reduces that wait time in clinics for patients awaiting daily treatment. If a delay occurs in a clinic before a patient arrives, the patient is notified of the delay with real-time texting from the Xecan App automatically. Upon arriving at the clinic, the patient is greeted with the approximate wait time so that smart decisions can be made to avoid those long, anxious wait times. Therefore patient satisfaction can be improved.

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