Xecanís Smart RFID Exam Rooms

In the smart RFID exam room, patient and nurse location information, along with wait times, are automatically recorded once they enter the room. This information is displayed and updated automatically on a Smart RFID whiteboard in the nursesí station, as well as being accessible on all the doctorsí and administrationís office computers. Patient wait times can be significantly reduced, and patient satisfaction greatly improved as a result of this accurate patient location information. When a doctor enters the exam room, with a simple scan of his/her XECAN badge, the smart RFID launches Aria or Mosaiq, and selects the waiting patientís profile automatically. This saves between one to two minutes of the doctorís time logging into various software applications, for each patient visit. Instead, the doctor can concentrate on patient care. The technology results in a much more efficient and pleasant exam room experience.
HIPAA violations can be eliminated in the smart RFID exam room as well. With a simple logout tag, all software applications are logged off, and the record on the whiteboard is cleared automatically.

Download Smart RFID Exam Room Spec

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