Eliminating treatment errors and improving hospital's HCAHPS Scores

Based on the internal systems for incident reporting between 2001 and 2009 in New York state, the incident rate in radiation treatment is 1 in 500. As a comparison, the incident rate in airline industry is 1 in 10 million.

Clinic administrators know that the publicly reported Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score is one of the most important report cards a hospital receives. Since October 2012, the U.S. governmentís value-based purchasing program (VBP) began monetarily rewarding those hospitals that provide patients with the highest quality of care and penalizing those whose care is not considered up to the established standards. Therefore consistently scoring well on the HCAHPS evaluation is critically important in today's healthcare environment.

Xecan safer and smarter healthcare services can help hospitals to improve their HCAHPS scores in the following areas:

Add a layer of safety to the treatment process:
It will automatically verify the patient treatment plan(s) as they enter the treatment room. It will also verify the patientís treatment accessories in the treatment room.

Welcome and queue patients to the clinic upon arrival:
It will queue patients as they enter the department, updating the treatment schedule accurately and automatically.

Communicate patient wait times:
It will enable the Xecan system to text patients if there is a delay in the clinic. Estimated wait times are provided as the patient enters the clinic. Staff will be notified if a patient has been in an exam room for too long.

Xecan Patient Care and Safety Technology is easy to use and affordable for a clinic of any size. The Xecan System utilizes functional modules to fit the exact needs of your clinic, with two financing options as follows.


Pay as you go on a monthly basis. Itís a simple way to evaluate the technology, no hidden fees. Some of the benefits of the service option include:

  • Quick adoption without upfront purchasing required

  • Includes full support

  • Minimizes your investment risk

  • Includes all upgrades

  • Convertible to purchase

  • Purchase

    The more traditional way to acquire the technology is to purchase it outright, and pay for support on an ongoing basis. This option is also available to you and may well suit your buying strategy more closely. Some of the benefits of purchasing the technology include:

  • Puts you in control of your investment

  • Lowers the long term costs

  • Includes the asset on the balance sheet


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